Helena Schussel

– About Helena –

Helena Schussel’s Artwork captures the atmospheres of calmness and drama into semi abstract paintings. Using realistic detail, but retaining spontaneity, her style can best be described as atmospheric impressionism blended with an edgy realism; subjects include landscapes, seascapes, and skyscapes, mainly Oil paint or mixed media.

– Background –

After finishing studies in the 1990s, Helena was awarded the definitive series of Postage Stamps featuring Birds, for the Government of Botswana. This launched her Fine Art Career and she held her first Solo Art Exhibition at The National Art Gallery of Botswana; and has had subsequent solo exhibitions in Austria and South Africa.

In the late 1990s Helena and opened The Bokaap Art Gallery in Cape Town, where alongside her own studio, the gallery hosted some of South Africas most famous artists, sculptors and photographers.

This page shows early works, sold works and current artwork.

– Current & Early Work –